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Street Food Tour

Tel Aviv unites most of the foods you will find anywhere else in the world.


Our Food Tour will allow you to enjoy the wide variety that the city has to offer and the most efficient way to do it in one evening is to move from one place to another and taste the best street food.


Do not be mistaken, some of these dishes were prepared by the most famous chefs in Israel and some are distributed throughout the world.


Everywhere we taste, talk about the dishes and continue on to the next course.


The content of the tour is not fixed and there are participants who perform it several times because there is no limit to what Tel Aviv can offer.


Among the options you will find the best pizza in the Middle East, the most delicious way to fill a pita-bread and many other unique dishes.


So before the tour it is important to make room in the stomach because there is a lot to taste in Tel Aviv.

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