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Local or trendy pub?

If you ask me, there's nothing like a neighborhood pubs. Even if you accidentally get into them, or you have reached them on the TLVCrawl route after one or two beers, they will always welcome you there in person.

If the place is not too crowded, and the regular chairs are not taken by the regulars whose name is listed next to it (as one who visits the place 3-4 times a week) you will usually find the owner, who is always happy to see new faces, and immediately you feel at home.

How are you, how did you hear about us, what will you drink?
It is advisable to ask, what is the popular beer, to enjoy a barrel that has just been replaced.

In a local pub, there is the authenticity of real meaning of pub meet, drink mingle. Sometimes the glass does not match the type of beer, but it never bothered me - the taste of the glass is always the same taste.
At TLVCRAWL we think that drinking and eating in the same place is only if there is no other choice.

But from the simplicity and the authentication comes the disadvantage of the neighborhood pub, diversity. The amount of choices will always be smaller, the kitchen will always be simpler.

During the beer tour you we'll try to visit at least 5-6 places in the evening. To enjoy the variety of Tel Aviv nightlife, one neighborhood pub is a must, so it is easy to make a decision not to eat in the same place.
In most pubs in Israel, there is a HAPPY HOUR, and in the neighborhood pub it is usually at the end working hours, to attract customers.

In contrast to the small, family-run pub that can be reached in everyday wear, there is the trendy pub located on a central street or in a leisure center, such as Sarona Market, Tel Aviv Harbor or Rothschild Boulevard.
Jeans and T-Shirt will be accepted, but flip-flops and undershirts will make you outsider (no ban, however)
The line of taps can be long - a cooling room hides behind the tap wall - and the options are enormous. 20-30 taps and sometimes more.

Local and international beers. German, Belgian, American and sometimes Japanese.
The professional Bartenders, who also know how to make cocktails, those places have a quick service and the prices, little more expensive than a local pub.
Most trendy pubs also have a kitchen.

In both types of pubs, you can spend a whole evening or to sit on one beer and move on. Everyone can do as he usually does.
What is certain that the pleasure is guaranteed, a good beer like a good old friend, no matter where, as long as he is with you.

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