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Tel Aviv – Broken Down

Israel's city that never sleeps: voted the #1 gay friendly city in the middle east and recently
deemed the vegan capitol, there really is something for everyone. Take a night out on the
town and enjoy the sights, the music, the food, the drinks and especially the pulsating,
vibrant environment.

When maneuvering your way through Tel Aviv it is in your best interest to understand the
different areas and the variety of outings. Sure, almost every area in Tel Aviv is within
walking distance, however, if you know what you're looking for, you can better plan how
your night will pan out.

Rothschild Boulevard
One of the first streets built in the heart of Tel Aviv's White City over 100 years ago. This
iconic street is home to financial institutions, a culture center, Tel Aviv's main theater,
restaurants, bars and an impressive pedestrian walkway nestled right in the middle of it all.
At night, Rothschild boulevard promises adventure for all ages. Bars and pubs each service
patrons with their crafted beers and unique music stylings (each bar is different). Take a
walk around the boulevard, stop at different bars and try the falafel stand which was once
the first kiosk in Tel Aviv.

Dizengoff Street
Named after Tel Aviv’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff, this area is also home to one of Tel Aviv’s
most popular malls: Dizengoff Center, and the beautiful fountain found at Dizengoff Square.
This street is alive at all hours of the day with HaBima – Israel’s cultural center and a
plethora of bars/pubs and fine eateries all around.
This street is quite over-flowing with bars/pubs and eateries. It is sure to offer something to
each member in your group and provide you with a great mix of tourists and locals.


Similar to NY’s Brooklyn, Florentine has become the young area full of hipsters and energetic
youth. This area houses a great street market that offers its patrons delicacies from all the
immigrant communities surrounding the area. Try Israeli falafel, Indian curry dishes,
Ethiopian feasts and so much more.

Not only does Florentine take you on a culinary trip around the large concentration of
immigrant communities, at night the area changes colors and shapes and all types of people
come out to play. Laid back bars, crafted beers and loud, vibrant conversations are the vibe
here and all are welcome.

These are just a few locations to look up when visiting Israel’s nightlife scene. Check out
bars/pubs/clubs in each area, look up reviews and check routes and transportation. With the
proper planning and research, you can create an itinerary for the night of your life….

Book a bar crawl with us and get the best of each of these areas without all the extra
work…we do it all for you!! 

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