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Before Going Out

Tel Aviv is constantly revamping its night culture. Bars, restaurants, and novelty food shops are frequently popping up and making big improvements. With such an offering, it is important to know your route before going out.


Don’t Be Fooled By What You See


Some bars have long lines, opening the possibility of you standing outside for longer than actually enjoying the event inside. Although it is normally safe to assume that a full bar is probably a good one, it is not necessarily a place that would offer you the experience you might be looking for.


On the complete other hand, other pubs might look promising from outside however once inside you discover a deserted, empty bar with a lonely bartender waiting for anyone to enter.


Tel Aviv’s adventures vary depending on the night of the week. You could visit a certain bar or pub on a Thursday and be met with a completely different experience at the same place on Saturday.


Due to the Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday), many places are happening on Thursday and Friday nights but dead on Saturday nights - people have to get up for work in the morning.​

Some places will be closed on Fridays, some on Saturdays and some just don’t care to abide by social norms, and we are perfectly fine with that.


Traveling Responsibly


Bars, pubs and restaurants are not the only things to alter their schedules due to the Sabbath. There is no public transportation available from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening*, so getting around from one area of Tel Aviv to another might prove itself a bit costly.


Luckily, there are hubs of nightlife situated in clusters all throughout Tel Aviv, simplifying your calculations and making maneuvering from place to place as simple as a light walk.


*Times change depending on daylight savings

Laws of the Land


It would be simply irresponsible not to mention that carrying an open container or purchasing alcoholic beverages at any place other than a bar​ is prohibited after 11:00 pm (23:00).


So if you’re planning on pregaming, make sure you get all your ducks in a row by 10:59 pm (22:59).


What it boils down to…


Do your research, don’t just go based off of suggestion. Make sure the bar you want to go to is actually worthwhile and that you won’t be waiting for hours or entering an empty bar.


Check to see the bar is open and operational on the night you are interested in going - nothing sucks worse than going out, arriving and realizing the place is closed.


Check out for bars around that area in case you decide to explore another place.


Make sure your route and plans are settled before the clock strikes 11:00 pm.




Allow TLV Crawl to worry about all the logistics. You just show up, eat, get drunk and be merry...  

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