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Nightlife in Tel Aviv

So, you’ve booked your trip to Tel Aviv! Excellent! You may have heard about it from some people, maybe seen some videos and pictures, or perhaps you’ve even visited before and are looking to see what new things you’ll try.


Whether visiting for a few hours or a few days, time is precious and need not be wasted. Without planning ahead, chances are a lot will be missed and the glamour in Tel Aviv can dissipate, and nobody wants that.


From Bauhaus architecture and white, sandy beaches to craft beers and culinary specialties from around the globe, Tel Aviv is constantly evolving and new options for adventures are popping up.


In Tel Aviv’s beginning, it was nearly impossible to find a bar that served more than one type of beer on tap. The food offered at restaurants was tasty, yet lacked in variety and people had their local, neighborhood bars where they would spend most of their downtime.


Today, one would not recognize the Tel Aviv described above when walking through Rothschild Blvd, Allenby St., Dizengoff St. or any other. The rise in tourism both into and out of Israel has helped us develop a sophisticated pallet.


Today, bars serve a plethora of imported craft beers on tap alongside their own specialty brews, eclectic dishes exhibiting international skills and offering a journey for your taste buds and a nightlife scene as busy and buzzing as, dare I say, Manhattan.


If you are a nightlife enthusiast and, like most, your time is precious, you are welcome to join the tours of TLVCrawl. Make the most of your time in TLV, taste your way through the the stories of our people’s pilgrimage and drink yourself silly with new friends.  

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