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Tel Aviv's Eurovision

On Tuesday, May 14, 2019 Tel Aviv will be hosting the worldwide Eurovision event. A multicultural event filled with music, nationalism and pride…and alcohol!

There are an expected 20,000 tourists that will be heading to Israel in May for the big event, flooding the streets, the bars, the clubs, the parks, the beaches etc. It will surely be a time for community, for happiness, music, food, alcohol and LOVE!

When planning your Eurovision extravaganza in Tel Aviv be sure to take a few things into consideration:



  • Bars, pubs and clubs are going to be jam packed. Make sure you reserve your spots in advance. Find the place on Facebook or on their website and see if they offer any advanced reservations.


  • Find outdoor events to attend. Due to the expectation for overcrowded places, try to find an organized event that takes place in an open, outdoors area. Tel Aviv is abundant in beaches, parks and open areas that are sure to be fun without having to knock someone over to get from one end of the party to the next.


  • Check out who's going. In Israel, many events are separated by age. Some events are 18+, some are 24+, some 30+. This is to ensure you will be partying with people around your age range, much more efficient and fun! Check to make sure you are of age to enter whichever event you're planning to go to.


For the best Tel Aviv Eurovision experience, join TLV Crawl for an experience you won't forget. Meet locals and tourists alike and tour TLV's most exciting bars/food vendors. Drink craft beers and refreshing cocktails and eat delicious and fresh street food. Taste Tel Aviv and feel the Eurovision vibes. Sing with us, dance with us, laugh with and crawl through Tel Aviv with us!

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