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Winter is gone, Spring is coming

When the weather gets warmer, Tel Aviv comes back to life after a sleepy hibernation where less locals and tourists go out and bars are emptier. It is an obvious transition as most people are prone to go out for a night at a bar drinking an ice cold beer or fruity cocktail when they aren't shivering in a corner under a heating lamp.


Israel is most definitely an outdoors country. Although Israel offers something for everyone, in any weather condition, spring paves the way for the upcoming summer and offers great activities.


Where in the winter you can visit a bar for a warm cider, a cold brew (because even the winters in Israel warrant a cold beer) or some finger licking good food, the spring is when bars open and light up their patios with great music and good vibes.


Things to do in Spring in Tel Aviv 

Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild's Blvd is an iconic location to spend an evening. Walk up and down the boulevard, enjoy the street performers, drink a beer while you're walking or just sit on one of the benches with some great food and a glass of wine. Enjoy passersby and the bustling sounds of locals and tourists of all ages taking full advantage of what Rothschild blvd has to offer.


The Beach!

Tel Aviv's beaches are a well-known steeple of Israeli culture. Beaches are open to the public 24/7 however lifeguards are not around at all hours. Swimming when there is no lifeguard is dangerous and prohibited. But no worries, if there's no lifeguard there are great


things you can do instead:

  • Beach Volleyball – Head to Gordon beach for a great volleyball experience

  • Walk the promenade – enjoy the views, the street performers, sit and watch the waves!

  • Sit at one of the bars on the beach – La Mer is one of the most popular bar/restaurants – drink a refreshing cocktail, devour a dish carefully executed by the chef and sink your toes into the cold sand.

  • Play Matkot – beach tennis. You can find paddles and a ball set sold at most of the kiosks around the promenade. Play with friends and feel like a true Israeli!

Bathing times at the beaches:

April 16- May 31: 07:15 am- 16:45 pm

June 1- June 30: 07:15 am- 17:45 pm

July 1- August 31: 07:15 am- 16:45 pm

September 1- October 8: 07:15 am- 16:45 pm


Hayarkon Park – Tel Aviv's very own central park (but on a much smaller scale). Walk the pathways, row a boat across the small river, enjoy a ride in a hot air balloon or bring a bottle of wine or beer, sit down and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with great weather, exquisite views and delicious beers.


The best for last: Join TLV Crawl for the best Tel Aviv locations to visit for great drinks and delicious street food in spring. Meet locals, tourists, chefs and brewers and join a night that will have you laughing, experiencing and crawling your way through Tel Aviv's bar/food scene!

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