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Secret Places Tour

Tel Aviv can be confusing in its secret places of entertainment. Places that look secret and dark are actually the most prominent and famous. If you really want to get to a secret place you need connections and sometimes you need an entry code.

It doesn't matter if we are talking about places where youl eat gourmet food, special cocktails or enter the area with an atmosphere that is not parallel in the Tel Aviv scene, you will have to make an effort beyond searching the Internet.


Some of the places have no name. You can find them behind garages, in cheap fast food restaurants and backyards. You can not distinguish them from the street and even if you can see from the outside they do not look like a place where you want to spend an evening.

Imagine a whole evening in which we walk to some of the best hidden places, in an invisible city. We will pick up a secret code that is changed once a day (and we have it), go down the stairs that seem to lead nowhere, sit on the secret bar and order secret drinks. In most places the drinks and dishes change daily as does the entry code. OR just like the netry code does.

We invite you to a track full of surprises. Keep in mind that after a certain number of alcoholic beverages one do not always remember the location, and the hole experience looks like a dream.

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