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Beer Tour

Our beer tours are unique in that we don’t just bring you to a bar, drink a beer and take you to the next place. The group dynamic is important to the success of the evening. We not only plan and execute quality beer tours, we feel our groups’ energy and know how to maneuver accordingly.


The Basics


Each food tour consists of between 4 to 6 different locations. Each location will be awaiting our arrival with open arms and smiling faces. Meet the bartender, chat up some of the locals, get to know your group better and soak in the ambiance of the bar. All this with a refreshingly cold beer in your hand.


After a few beers there is always a stop over at a local food shop for a bite to ensure we can hold out for the next rounds. Taste delicious pizzas, hummus, falafels, ice creams and more delectable treats that will have your stomach, and your liver, thanking you.


The Extras


During many of our tours we like to play hilariously innocent games that will bring the group together and provide you with stories for ages.


Join us for one of our alcohol game nights where we test your agility, stamina and liver. See if you can stand up against others in your group and prevail.


Our themed bar/pub tours consist of locations that honor the theme of the evening. Each place will offer us its own take on the idea and we can experience a well rounded view of different events and holidays.

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