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Tel Aviv's Hangover

So you came to Tel Aviv and went out for a drink with Tlvcrawl - excellent!


Some important data will help you avoid the unnecessary headache after you have tasted the nightlife of Tel Aviv


First, what is the hangover itself, is a headache accompanied by nausea, nervousness, fatigue, sensitivity to light, to make it short - It’s yuck


Second, its source is probably one or a combination of the following: drinking low quality alcohol, losing fluids, which is a known phenomenon in drinking alcohol, an empty stomach that allows alcohol to fall apart and not be absorbed,


So simply and with a few basic rules you can beat the hangover.


Drink water, which will prevent dehydration and most of the side effects except the phenomenon of going for convenience.

Eat and drink, drink and eat. Here is A simple rule invented by TLVCRAWL: Don’t eat where one drinks and does not drink where one eats, it is also keep distancing alcohol from each other and padding the stomach with some food.


Your goal is to enjoy yourself, and in the nightlife of Tel Aviv there is a lot to do.

There is no point in getting drunk and finding your dinner on the sidewalk, an important and simple rule besides drinking water and distancing the alcohol dishes from each other is to take it easy, not crazy, to be happy and not to do nonsense.


And in the morning, after an amazing night in Tel Aviv most of which you remember, came the annoying headache, before the pill and the coffee, which also has the characteristics of drying - first drink water and drink half a dose of alcohol, which can relieve the symptoms.

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