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Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Before any trip for the first time to a large city or metropolitan area, there is this feeling of something special.

That something, the glamour that accompanied the name of the city - the stories that you heard - the films that you saw, all of these magnify and intensify the city to which you will arrive.

Before Going Out

Tel Aviv is constantly Renewable its night culture.

So the right places to spend a year ago would be particularly relevant this year. So before you leave the hotel you should know where you are going.

local or trendy pub

Which of the types of pubs in Tel Aviv will suite you better? there is a big difference between the pub that will serve locals and welcome tourists and trendy one that may not notice you but with a unique atmosphere 

Tel Aviv's Hangover

So you came to Tel Aviv and went out for a drink with Tlvcrawl - excellent!

Some important data will help you avoid the unnecessary headache after you have tasted the nightlife of Tel Aviv

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